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CartoGold - Background

During the latter part of the 20th century local authorities recognised the need for ‘cartographically enhanced’ presentation quality Proposals Maps on the council's website that could improve on the limited graphic capabilities of all GIS packages.

For many years Cook Hammond & Kell were producing presentation quality maps for Development Plan Proposals Maps on paper using GIS data as source via desk top publishing. This effectively lost the ‘intelligence’ of the GIS while creating the presentation image.

At the same time, because of central government’s ‘e-government’ requirements  local authorities were beginning to demand websites that would show the statutory Proposals Map and allow the user to ask questions of the map and search to find a specific address or type of policy. Where is it? What is it?

In response to the need to find a way of retaining the intelligence of the GIS while producing presentation quality cartography Cook Hammond & Kell developed the groundbreaking CHKcartoplus.

Using the latest technology CartoGold is the natural successor to CHKcartoplus making use of a larger map area and faster presentation time.