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CartoGold - Features

Features of CartoGold include...

Seamless publication quality mapping – the website user and the user of the statutory paper copy see an identical image because they come from the same source.

Site centred – the user chooses precisely what they want to view.

Search by place-name, address or postcode – all users can find a precise location.

Interrogate all attributes of a site – clicking on a chosen site will give the user access to information about all relevant policies and proposals alongside their legend styling. It also allows non-graphically represented levels, such as District Wide Core Policies, to be interrogated. The user is also able to search an area from a given point to see all policies within a given distance.

Link to text documents – the user can link to the complete Written Statement and all associated documents in any text database management system.

Revision of the Plan - CartoGold has been developed specifically to show the progression through the Development Plan process. Users can view the current state of the Plan and then view proposed amendments.