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Map Production - Cartography

Why do we need cartographic interpretation?

While it is straightforward to keep an internal GIS database up to date with the progress of the different Development Documents, the revision of the proposals map is not as simple. You may ask, ‘what is the difference between the GIS database and the proposals map?’ The answer is ‘cartographic interpretation’.

If someone wanted to see your proposals map online you cannot simply give them access to all the information on your GIS. To do so would be akin to giving someone a supermarket trolley full of shopping and telling them ‘there’s your dinner’. Someone has to cartographically interpret the many levels of your GIS data and distil it down to a proposals map where the user can see and understand all the policies and proposals, on one plane, without having to switch levels on and off. To do otherwise could lead to the user getting things out of context if they were unaware of all policies and proposals at a given point.