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Map Production

Cook Hammond & Kell have been producing Proposals Maps for local authority Development Plans since the advent of the Town and Country Planning Act in 1947. This wealth of experience has enabled us to become the leading supplier of cartographic services to local authorities in the UK.

The Proposals Maps in the early days were always printed and were hand drawn on film.

Early days

Cook Hammond & Kell, always at the forefront of cartography technology for local government, were the first company to move away from ‘pen and ink’ and use desk top publishing for the creation of Proposals Maps in the early 1980s and we were the first company to use GIS data as source material for the cartographic presentation of Proposals Maps in the early 1990s.

This pioneering spirit in cartographic technology also led us to be the first company to create fully interactive, cartographic quality, Proposals Maps on local authorities’ websites with our CHKcartoplus service.

Technological advances in GIS and imaging technology have enabled CH&K to develop CartoGold as the Optimum way of showing your Development Plan Proposals Maps online.